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  • Revanik Caurus


    8 months ago

    Sadly I had to take my eldest cat, Pixel, to the vets because she was dying. As sad a situation as that was/is, the empathy, sympathy, caring on the day was incredible and gratefully received. I was never rushed, all queries were met with clear answers. They were just so good. The following week I took my 2 younger cats, and again, the treatment and experience was wonderful and helped set my mind at ease very quickly. The younger 2 are fine and happy, and as we left the staff were again very good and respectful about Pixel passing the week before. Upon collecting her ashes I also saw that they had left a card too - thank you so much 🙂 So to sum up, first visit while sad was dealt with as well as I could hope for, and the following visits with the other 2 were just as good and thorough. Thank you guys 🙂

  • Kelvin Cheung


    4 months ago

    We have our two senior dogs registered at Willows Hartford, all the staffs are kind, helpful and caring.
    For the one stayed in the hospital in his last few days, we were informed of his condition every morning, the treatment plan was always discussed with clear explanation, we were very grateful to have a few hours staying with him at home before farewell him and say goodbye. The staffs were so caring about our emotion, including the other dog, we didn't need to worry about the bill on the farewell day and they would assist to process the insurance issue, this is really a big surprise to us.

    We are very grateful to have chosen this Vet for our two lovely dogs after moving to the UK.

  • maria brindley


    2 months ago

    I’d just like to say thank you to all at Willows Hartford. Whether it’s a routine check up, looking after an animal with a long term condition or an emergency they are always there….. reassuring, helpful and caring. Reception, nurses, vets are all excellent and we’re lucky to have this practice so local to us in Hartford.

  • Donna Middleton


    2 months ago

    Great vets! Our previous pooches and now our current pup are always well looked after, and the great vets and team there make what can often be a worrying or stressful time so much easier. Highly recomended.

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