Keyhole Bitch Spay

Our Veterinary Hospital in Hartford offers laparoscopic surgery for neutering female dogs...

The Willows Veterinary Hospital is one of the most experienced veterinary practices in Cheshire offering laparoscopic or ‘keyhole’ bitch spays.

What are the benefits of having your bitch spayed?

In a conventional spay, a large incision is made to allow the surgeon good visualisation and handling, and both the ovaries and the womb are removed. Whilst this may be an everyday procedure it is still major surgery, especially for larger breed dogs.

How does a keyhole bitch spay differ?

With keyhole surgery small holes (approx 5mm – 10mm in diameter) are made through the skin and muscle through which a camera and very slender surgical instruments can be introduced to perform the surgery. With the camera images being fed to a large screen and effectively magnifying the internal organs, the surgeon is able to operate with exact precision. With keyhole spays only the ovaries are removed.

Whilst keyhole surgery is nowhere near as invasive as conventional surgery your pet will receive appropriate pain relief, before, during and after the procedure.

What are the benefits of a keyhole bitch spay?

If you would like to talk to us in more detail about this procedure please contact us and one of our surgeons will be happy to call you back and answer any questions.


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